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Scunthorpe RC (Update and news from reliability rides April 2016)

from Andy
Firstly I'd like to wish Dave Hatton a long and happy retirement following his last day at work just before Christmas.
I dread to think how much more time this event will free up for cycling exploits...god help us !
Seriously Dave, from myself and all Club Members take care and have a long and happy retirement.
Enclosed is a copy of the 'Club Event' program of events for 2016 (click here)...Sorry its a bit last minute !
Some changes from previous years so please don't use last years as a guide.

2016 EVENT start locations

Mortal Ash 5, 10, 15 & 25 TT Starts,    Kirton Circuit,    Humber Bridge,    Coleby Circuit,    Burton Hill Climb


Also enclosed is a membership form (click here).
We want to ensure the Club Membership records are up to date.
So please fill in the enclosed form and return it to myself.
These records are important as should anything happen during a 'Club Event' we may need them.
Subs are due by the 31/03/16 (before the 'Club Events' start) so please pass them to myself or Tim Higgins.
Membership remains as follows...Seniors £5.00
Note...We will extend the due date into April due to myself being a little late getting this note 16/04/16
We want to try and get things sorted before the 'New Season' starts...Thanks
Once the records are updated the email list I use will be amended.
Hence future 'Club News' will be sent to 'Club Members' only.

At the recent AGM Dave Hatton (our Treasurer) expressed a wish to resign from the post ASAP.
On the night he reluctantly agreed to carry on in the post until a replacement could be found.
So everybody 'we need a new Treasurer'.
Those at the meeting were already busy doing 'things' for the Club.
So from the 'current' membership is anybody prepared to take on the role.
Anyone who wants some more info as to what's involved please contact myself/Tim or Dave for the details.
The 'Club' does not take a lot of running however without people being prepared to help out it will struggle to survive in future years.
So please bear this in mind...Thanks
CTT Books...I have a spare copy if anyone is after one. Saves you the postage at £9.00
Now I know 'Face Book' is not every ones cup of tea. That said I have copied Tim's write ups from the recent reliability rides...enjoy !
Well that's it for now !
What ever your cycling is at the moment ...have fun and stay safe.
Andy Such

Tim's 40/60 write up

Thanks to everyone for turning up for the Road club 40/60 reliability ride.
I was asked a few times what a reliability ride is, its not easy to answer.
I suppose it is like a mini sportive where the challenge is not to win but to get round safely and comfortably with a group of like minded riders.
It is more social than a sportive since it is really a mass group ride rather than having riders spread, like best butter, all up the road.
I think this internet thing may catch on for communication judging by the numbers out today.
It was brilliant to see so many people out. Lots of old faces and a few new ones too, who in some cases will have experience their first group/ bunch riding.
I think we had about 28 people out, I will not try to name everyone but it was great to see Steve Fuller, Mike Bolland, Nick Appleyard, and Tony Williamson
all there from the road club. Good to see freinds from all the clubs in scunthorpe there too.
A big group of Poly riders including Tony Nash, Stev Parsons, Tony Pearson, Roger Hampshire, Richie Robinson ...ok thats enough names ...
We went out by Neap house along to Susworth at a pleasant pace. Through Laughton to Gainsborough. A few went back from here doing the 40.
The rest pushed on to Saxby where Ville decided NOT to put his hand in his front wheel this year so we carried on.
A general regroup at the top of the cobbled climb in Lincoln saw the main spilt.
Some came home direct the rest stopped for tea and cake which we ate outside the cafe.
As we left Lincoln Max showed us his freshly honed pro bike handling skills with a 30 second track stand, unfortunately the lights were red for 35 seconds
and there was a scrunching crunching noise as he slowly toppled into the road.
Nothing damaged except his pride and we rode on. A 7 mile detour seemed preferable to climbing ingham hill
( we said it was a safer road) so we ended up back on the outward route.
Ian had a front puncture that was quickly mended and we were all away again.
The group stayed together into town.
Good to see Jen and Jim out with the club, I think it was Jen's first group ride and she did very well to keep mid bunch and held a wheel with confidence.
Only the hairpins on the cycle path seemed to cause her any problems.
A big thanks to Andy for sorting the ride and navigating .
I hope the 100 goes as well and we get such good weather.
We do get a group out from the Pods on Sundays. Watch the FB page for details.
It would be great to see people out. We will try to keep all together. I must mention before closing that Dennis Clark who started Scunthorpe Tri Club as one of the first in the UK was out with us. He lost a little ground up Gainsborough hill and didnt get back on. It was his first experience of a group ride and he was going very well. I hope he will be out again soon. .

Tim's 100 mile write up

Club winter 100 today, a good turn out of 12 riders, nice to see some of the poly lads there too as well as the usual suspect for these rides. Naming names this week, Mark Johnson (although a very experienced rider had not done many at this distance) Andy Such (no stranger to the century- plus ride), Martin Field, Neil Mumby, Nige Stones, Max and Tony Williamson, Ian Dowse, Duane Barnard, and me. It was head wind out and quite cool, This contributed to the steady flow of rides out the back to have a pee stop. We rolled along at a sensible pace letting everyone get back on. Nige did a very interesting variation on this, he waited for the Isle of Axholme strip, the Lund-Ousefleet village, which is near 3 miles long before announcing he was going up the road for a pee after a couple of miles he had pulled away by almost 40 feet and nothing but houses lining the road. A few miles later no doubt he was getting desperate, we got out of the village to confront the wide open spaces of the fens. not a tree or layby in sight. He scampered across to a fence and stood next to a free manure sign fortunately he didn't add to it. 15 minutes of chasing in the head wind by himself and the nightmare was over .... I was going to suggest a group pee stop just as he got back on... my how he would have laughed. The Poly lads rode on when we stopped at the Delves Cafe. Its a cracking little cafe in a nice setting for the summer, the cuisine is best described as simple but BIG and good value. There are some pics of Duane hiding behind his bacon butty and Tony and Max's cappuccinos came in washing up bowls.There was nearly a fight over the beans on toast, three orders and only one came out the kitchen ...As the poor waitress announced beans on toast there was some lightning reactions usually reserved for shouting House down the bingo.... Such was the ferocity of the claims the poor girl didn't know who to give it too so she picked the nearest and ran back to the kitchen as uproar broke out ... who ordered first... who sat down first... who was oldest and alphabetical priority... all to the amusement of the other patrons. We eventually left and enjoyed a brisk tail wind to Epworth, Martin went home from here. Some nice little back roads to Gringly and the hill, followed by the back of strawberry hill before we snook into a very quite Roses at 1.40, we though she shut at 2.30 but just after 2.00 she announced,  get out I am shutting, or words to that effect. Its a short ride back from Gainsborough but we didn't go that way... after another 30 odd miles of back lanes and getting Max lost we cruised into Messingham in the late afternoon sun. Nige's day got better and better, as we passed his house he didn't have 100 on the garmin so he had to extend his ride to the Pods and back. Unfortunatelly Nige was feeling a bit under the weather for the last miles and I hope he is soon well again. Thanks to all for turning up and making it a nice social ride out. If you have any photos please post them. .

Scunthorpe RC Upcoming Events (Update Feb 2016)

Reliability Rides
The 40/60 mile rides date will be Sunday 28/02/16
followed by:
The 100 mile on Sunday 06/03/16
Both starting from the Pods at 09.00 am,
40/60 and 100 mile reliability trials.maps can be downloaded here 40-60_route.pdf,
and 100 mile reliability ride map.pdf

Open 10 mile TT

This will run on the 12th March on the A15 C10/27 course 1st rider 14.00
Headquaters are at Kirton Youth Centre.

Entry £8.00 with an email address please (sorry no online entry yet) to
David Hatton,

70 West End ,
North Lincs.
DN15 9NS

01724 734142
[email protected]

If you can help please give Dave Hatton a call.

Contact Us

Steve Fuller 01724 721021 e-mail [email protected] (web site and BC info)

Andy Such - Racing Secretary - email  [email protected] - 01724 351840

Steve Brown - email [email protected] - 01724 720920


Scunthorpe Road Club - CycloCross 2015

Many thanks to all those who helped out and competed last weekend, your help and participation was much appreciated.

As last year watching the Vets and Senior races was impressive and hopefully the courses were entertaining and provided good close racing for competitors and spectators alike.

Results are available on the Lincolnshire league website with some interesting winners from out of the area.

I have uploaded a photo gallery of photos from the day, if you want to view some interesting shots through the sandy bits during the vets race follow the link to Richard Howes Photography!

Inspired anyone to give it a go - hope so.

Please remember we are very fortunate to have this venue and appreciate that it is private property, regularly used by the owners for horse riding.

Please don't assume it has the same free access paths etc as the neighbouring woods. 


Sorry for lying low in the last few weeks/months !!!

Venue looking good just nettles to clear from the single track

We have our Cross event at Common Plantation Broughton, the week after next (Sunday Oct 25th) and are as ever! looking for willing (or even not so willing) volunteers to help out on the day.

The event will run similar to last years but with the splitting of the single Seniors into a Vets and a Sen/Jun/Ladies race and a shorter lap.
The racing's good to watch, the foods great (that's what Helen tells me) and no problem if you fancy giving a hand for a number of events and racing yourself.

If you can help out could you let me know we are looking for help with:-

Setting up signing on and last minute checks of the course from 7.30 - 8.00 am
Signing on from 9.00am
Marshalling the circuit from 10.00
Number calling at the finish from 10.00
Lap sheets at the finish from 10.00

Please let me know if you are able to help and whether you have any preference / time restrictions - it really does help to know its sorted before the day.

On the day there will also be a Marshall?s signing on sheet at the Caravan can you remember to sign in please to ensure you are covered insurance wise through British Cycling

Many Thanks in anticipation

[email protected]


The start times with entry fees if you fancy riding are below.

Start times and entry Information.

  • Youths (Under 16) - 10:30am start (approx 30min). - £5 entry (£8 without BC Race License)
  • Under 12?S - 11:15am start (approx 15 min) - £2 entry
  • Vets - 12:00pm start (approx 45 min) - £10 entry (£13 without BC Race License)
  • Seniors, Juniors - 13:15pm start (approx 50 min). - £10 entry (£13 without BC Race License)
  • Ladies - 13:17pm start )approx 50 min) - £10 entry (£13 without BC Race License)

Note.  All Veterans must ride in the Veterans race and will not be permitted to enter the Senior race without exception.


  • U12 Boys
  • U12 Girls
  • U14 Boys
  • U14 Girl
  • U16 Boys (Including U14?s)
  • U16 Girls (Including U14?s)
  • Junior Men
  • Ladies
  • Veteran 40-49
  • Veteran 50-59
  • Veteran 60+
  • Senior Men (Aged 18 to 39)


We are holding our round of the Lincs League Cyclo cross again this year at "Common Wood" just north of Broughton on the 25th October 2015.

I will be looking over the venue shortly to check its all there and see if there are any changes we need to make for the course.

More details to follow but if anyone can help out on the day it would be VERY much appreciated, PLEASE drop me a line to confirm, it really does take a weight off.