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UPDATE 26th September


Just a month to

New Venue for this year  details as below

Common Plantation
3km North of Broughton
To east of B1207
North Lincolnshire

Follow Link,412125&st=4&ar=y&mapp=map.srf&searchp=ids.srf&dn=638&ax=495175&ay=412125&lm=0

Or 1/2 km south of post code DN15 0DA.

Venue is woodland with grass and predominantly sandy (will drain well)

U 12 race start  10.30

U16 race start 11.15

Jun/Sen/Vet/Women race start 12.15


As always looking out for help to put on the event on the day (some even stay warm and dry!!!).

If you can help out PLEASE drop me a line ([email protected]) or/ call - knowing this is sorted really does take the pressure off before the day.

Whether helping, riding, or spectating  on the day, hope to see you there and have a great days entertainment.





Update 31st May 2014

 The winter, club AGM, meal / presentation reliability rides have all come and gone.

Unfortunately last years Cyclo Cross event had to be cancelled due to problems with the hire of the venue and costs but for this year a new venue is planned and a date within the Lincolnshire Cross League been set for the 26th October.

Three open TT events (10, circuit and 25) have been run  and the Tuesday nights events are in full swing - see calendar CLUB EVENTS 2014_1.pdf and follow links below for start location of the evening events

Mortal Ash 5, 10, Circuit, 15 & 25 Starts

Kirton Circuit

Humber Bridge

Coleby Circuit

Burton Hill Climb



40/60 and 100 mile reliability trials.maps can be downloaded here 40-60_route.pdf,  and 100 mile reliability ride map.pdf


If you "Do" Facebook  and are a registered user we also have a Facebook page at , otherwise let me know and will continue the web site information.


Update 21st September 2013


Apologies for the lack of updates over the summer however this weekend sees our Cyclo Cross event promoted at Quibell Park in Scunthorpe.

There are events for U16 (10.30) U 12 (11.15) and SJWV (12.15) fancy a ride or to help out or just want details to watch give me a call on 01724 721021.

Update 5th March 2013

 Well I was sure something was written last month however !!


Respect - to those who completed the 100mile reliability trial on Sunday, I considered myself lucky, watching junior football on Sunday afternoon with horizontal snow and more base layers than I care to mention.


The club open 10 ran on Saturday, many thanks to all those who helped out and rode.

Results are included in the seasons results page.

Evening Calendar to follow shortly.

Update 2nd Jan 2012

Hope everyones had a good Xmas and is looking forward (OK a long way forward) to light nights sunny warm weather and the evening TTs.
In the mean time the Sunday rides are continuing through into the new year (see Calendar for details).

The AGM also takes place on the 11th Jan at 19.00 at the Scunthorpe Central Community Centre. If you've got any ideas for the next year come along.


Report from the last two club rides below (thanks Tim and Andy)

 Weather was cold and a little dull but not the torrential rain that the weather predicted. 6 riders set of but we came back with seven. The usual mix of bikes including Martin on fixed (but the seat pin still didn’t move). I was on the other fixed classic which was a little testing up Somerby hill. Mt Hatton and Phil were sporting Ti the ride leader and his brother were on Alloy/Carbon. A rather rapid start up the A18 warmed us all up and then the pace settled to Caistor. We went into the new church conversion café for tea and cake… mmmm. We just got back out into the cold to see the Lincsquad bunch go by …. not as a bunch. We would have given chase but I had a mechanical to sort which required disassembly of multitools to fix. Nice flat ride back to Kirton without incident except we picked up Martin Chapman on the way. He was most welcome at the front to finish the last of the side/ head wind section. The usual laugh for everyone at the fixed wheel riders down Kirton hill and a steady ride to town where we met up with some Linscquad stragglers.  Mileage was 40 odd I guess, highlight was seeded breakfast cake at the cafe.

Weather Sunny with testing ground conditions.(Very Frosty)
8 Brave soles set out from the Pods (AS, TH, PB, DH, MS, MF, ND & RV)
Conditions were testing due to a good frost. Phil's original route being modified as the ride went on due to frozen roads.
That said a hilly ride (I'll have to have a word about that !) was enjoyable in the winter sunshine. Cafe stop @ Melton Ross to warm cold limbs.  
Usual Beans on Toast or Tea Cakes was the order of the day. 
Return ride via Bigby, Cadney & Brigg arriving back approx 13.00 (Total 50 mls approx)
Highlight......All solo's staying upright ! and a Trike NOT skidding into a ditch)
Perhaps Nigel Dowse's words summed up the ride.....
'what a cracking ride just a few miles out of town on lovely country roads'
Merry Christmas to you all & Happy New Year
Update 10th December 2011

 We have just recieved some new items of club clothing, see separate page for details of size and prices and contact Dave hatton


Update 30th November 2011 

Report from last weeks ride
Weather Sunny with a testing SW wind (very testing @ times !)
Bikes.......1 Trike (AS), 1 Barn Gate on Fixed (TH), Bob Jackson on Fixed (MF) with seat pin bolt removed to shake loose a seized seat pin (never happened !), 2 Titanium's (Mile Muncher DH) & (PB).
People........5 Gents 
Testing ride along west Trent Bank to Epworth and cafe stop @ Thorne Lakes. Beans on Toast was the order of the day with general Chit Chat & DH mile munching exploits.  
Return ride via Epworth/Belton arriving back in Scunthorpe approx 13.30 (a little later than planned thanks to Google Maps !!)
Total 55mls round trip.
Highlight......Seeing 2 fixed bikes reving @ 110rpm with a back wind. (while those on gears engaged the BIG ring) 
Next ride 11/12.......I Dowse 

Run Dates.......
13/11......T Higgins
27/11......A Such
11/12......I Dowse
18/12......P Batch
8/1/12.....M Stones
26/2    40/60 Reliability
4/3        100      "

Andy Such 


Update 6th November 2011

The cyclo-cross event at Quibell Park seems to have been enjoyed by everyone again this year, so many thanks to all 110 riders and a BIG THANK YOU to every one who helped put on the event.

Results are available here Quibell Cross result 23_10_11.xls


 I have some photos to upload in the next day or so, of the cross and hill climb so please come back and check them out.


Just a quick reminder if you want to get out on your bike over the winter

The Sunday rides have started.
Anyone can join in, you don't have to be a member.
The intention is to meet at Pittwood House,  Ashby Road,  Scunthorpe for a 9:30 start.
Rides will be approx. 40 - 50 miles about 3-4 hours and there will be a cafe`stop if we can find one open .
Any questions "E" mail Phil at [email protected].


Update 8th October


 With the nights drawing in  and leaves falling (and needing sweeping in Brumby Woods) its coming up to our Cyclo Cross event at Quibell.

last years event saw about 120 riders in total and 70 in the main senior race, so hopefully with some good weather it should be a good event to watch.

I think most things are sorted with the council, BC, insurance etc.  ??? but as ever we need some help with setting up marshals and signing on.

If you can spare the time, any help would be much appreciated, please drop me a line at [email protected]


Hopefully - See you there



Update 29th July

 For anyone that's noticed and looked at this years events list the Happy 100 mile event should be taking place this week HOWEVER ... put your bike away for two weeks as this will now be run on Sunday 14th August starting from Pitwood House in Sunthorpe.

 In past years this has been a great chance to get some miles in with friendly faces in warm weather (I didn't know you could cycle across the Isle in less than a force 6 North Easterly until last years event !!!


I'm assuming the start time will be 9.30am however just to be sure please check with Andy Such, Dave  Hatton or any other member.


Update 18th June

Is anyone interested in representing the club at a meeting  to look at how competitive Mountain Biking in its various forms, particularly XC, DH and 4X, could be developed in the East Midlands Region.

 The meeting will be held at the National Watersports Centre, Nottingham  on Sunday 21st Aug from approx 10.30 – 2 pm,

Please get in touch for more details


Update 30th June

 Don't forget the Club open 50 this coming Sunday (3rd July Start at 9.30)

If you can help (always gratefully received) please contact Dave Hatton or are riding  or watching then event details and start sheet are downloadable below.



2011 Club 50.JPG

2011 Club 50 Start sheet.pdf


Updated 23rd June

New Spritifs added that may be of interest and the results page added, if anyone can take a photo of the results on the evening it is quite easy to upload make visible on the site. Check out if your getting quicker


Updated 24th March

I have added a web page "Sportifs and Training" where I hope to display details of any local events or vacation / training spots that may be of interest, let me know if there is anything you want adding

Have also added some links to other web sites, if there is anything else that needs adding let me know


Updated 10th March

The Club events list can now be downloaded here CLUB EVENTS 2011.pdf or go to the Calendar for details of upcoming events

Follow links below for start location of the evening events

Mortal Ash 5, 10, Circuit, 15 & 25 Starts

Kirton Circuit

Humber Bridge

Coleby Circuit

Burton Hill Climb




Steve Browns first Open event of the season went off well last weekend with 30 starters though as ever the weather was its normal cold self.

Please keep up to date with the forthcoming events both open and evening club events, if you are not riding and have some time to spare, please check with the organiser that there are enough marshals, time keepers etc to ensure the event runs well.

Many Thanks


Updated 3rd Feb

Dates for our open 10 and 40/60 and 100 mile reliability trials added. Maps for these rides can be downloaded here 40-60_route.pdf,  and 100 mile reliability ride map.pdf

The cyclo cross held at Quibell Park in October was a success amid some welcome weather, interesting to note that if it had been run on the usual November date then that was the start of the cold snap i n December with heavy snows!!!

There are some photos from this years event included in the gallery


Updated 21st August 2010

Last weekend a group of about 15 of us had a run out over the 100 mile reliability trial route, but this time in good weather.

Highlight (for me anyway) was running across the odd one and then a group of cyclists riding "Classic" bikes toward Goole. We are not talking 60s here but proper penny farthings and and bikes with wooden wheels!

See some of the photos in the Gallery.


Updated 1st March 2010

A map has been uploaded 100 mile reliability ride map.pdf with details of the route for the upcoming 100mile reliability trial


Updated 26th sept

We are Organising the latest Lincs League Cyclo Cross event at Quibell Park on Sunday 29th November.

First race starts at 10.30 (U16) followed by U12's at 11.15 and Seniors, Vets, Ladies  and Juniors at12.15.

We will be down at Quibell Park setting up from 8 with tea and cakes from about 9.30 if anyone wants to drop down, have a look, have a go or help out with the Marshalling from about 10 (all help gratefully accepted).


AGM held this evening, nothing much changed, but will try to get some notes posted late.


Sunday ride outs

If anyone wants a ride out for fun now the season has finished, Nev and Phil normally ride out from Greetwell Cross Roads at 9.30 each Sunday.

If you fancy joining them or getting a ride out together yourself, why not use the forum to arrange and invite others along


Updated 29th March

The evening time trials are now upon us and the events list has now been confirmed.

The list are available for download for now by following the attached link below

 CLUB EVENTS 2009.pdf

Updated 14th March

Club 10

Steves 10 ran well last  weekend and with a strong side wind was won in 20.51 by Julian Ramsbottom with Tony Nash second in 22.02.

Seasons results page updated

100 mile Reliability Trial

The reliability ride was run in glorious sunshine on Sunday morning ... well at least until lunch when it teamed it down whilst we were in the cafe. Good luck to Tim with a new line in economy waterproof  wear by the way. The ride from Thorne was a little better with something resembling a tailwind but ominous clouds gathered. I left at Owston Ferry and lasted 5 minutes before an hours blizzard covered the roads with snow and left me sheltering in East Butterwick talking to someone after enjoying his Sunday pint...s How did everyone else get on?

Tuesday Nights

We still haven't received confirmation  for our Tuesday night club Club event list but details will be posted as soon as


Now the seasons starting does anyone fancy going out and getting some night time miles in around Skippingdale? drop me a line.

British cycling membership

As the club are affiliated to the BC we have again this year received a number of free membership applications for club members who have never been  members of British Cycling, this entitles you to:

for seniors and juniors one years bronze level membership (enough to race Cyclo Cross, or discounts off silver (to ride the track league ?) and gold

or for youths and under 12 free silver membership and race licence.

Drop me a line if you want more details.


Please look at membership page to enable us to update our records