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Cold 1*C  NW drift , 5 club members Dh leader, P batch, T higgins fixed, I dowse,

N stone, 2 visitors will come again. Ride north through town stopped every traffic 

light. First test of day sawcliffe hill a bit splintered, wind assisted ride to appleby 

roads been salted, Brigg came up quick as we had a good pace. Howsham,  

N Kelsey, S Kelsey Turned into wind not to bother a well drilled team Waddingham

change of direction and road conditions a bit of ice about. Cautious ride through Snitterby, Bishop Norton & Glentham hit the A631 first real traffic off the day not to mention the terrible road surface. Beans on toast, teacakes & mugs of tea Caenby

cafe. 32 mileas     Not too long a stop just long enough to feel the nip in the air, all keen to be  on our way tricky descent to Willoughton, Now where on the home run in dropping Phil at  Kirton In Lindsey , It"ts the bit i enjoy the good surface & sweeping bends to Messingham, Last work off the day up messingham hill. 

50 miles of fun hope every one enjoyed it

David Hatton

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